Departments of Mathematical and Functional Analysis launched in 2007.

Currently, the Department of Mathematical and Functional Analysis is headed by the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor Zagorodnyuk A. It consists of Doctors of Physics and Mathematics Dmytryshyn R., Sharin S., Vasylyshyn T., Osypchuk M., candidates of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professors Malytska H., Solomko A., Kravtsiv V.,  Martsinkiv M.,  Ivasyuk I., Slobodian S.

The staff of the department researches the following branches of science:

  • analytic mappings of Banach spaces, algebras of analytic functions on Banach spaces;
  • random processes (diffusive, stable), potential theory for pseudo-differential equations, applied statistical analysis;
  • analytical theory of continuous and branched chain fractions and their application;
  • functional calculus in the classes of polynomial distributions and analytical functions;
  • systems of Kolmogorov type in Lp
  • functional calculus for generators of strongly continuous multisemigroups of operators in convolutional algebras of generalized functions and ultradistributions;
  • linearization of nonlinear mappings on topological vector spaces;
  • theorems on the normal marginal distribution of the number of false solutions of the system of nonlinear random equations in the field GF(2);
  • block-symmetric analytic functions of limited type on banana spaces;
  • spectral theory of generalized Hermitian Jacobian operators;
  • analysis on spectra of algebras of analytic and smooth functions in Banach space.