Kopach Mykhailo


Associate Professor


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Date of birth: November 21,1950
Address: Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Precarpathian National University,57 Shevchenka str., Ivano-Frankivsk,Ukraine,76018
Phone(office): +38-0342-59-60-50
Phone(cell): +38-067-342-57-57
e-mail: mykhailo.kopach@pnu.edu.ua
Scientific degree – Candidate of physical and  mathematical sciences
Academic title – Associate Professor of the Department of Mathematical Analysis.


1967-1971, student, speciality ” Mathematics”, Ivano-Frankivsk Pedagogical institute, Ivano-Frankivsk,Ukraine
1978-1982, Postgraduate Studies,Kiev Pedagogical institute,Kiev, Ukraine
1987 Ph.D. in Mathematical and Physics institute of Mathematics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Title: Bilateral integral  inequalities and bilateral iterative processes 
Ph.d. advisor: Anton Luchka, Mykola Kurpel


Deutsch: intermediate  and oval skills
Russian: Excellent written and oval skills
Ukraine: Excellent written  and oval skills(native language)

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Research Interests: Bilateral operator inequality  and quantitative theory of operator equations Methods of iterative aggregation and their aggregation-iterative generalization in connection with the problems of decomposition and with parallelization of computational schemes.

Postal Address
Department of Mathematical and Functional Analysis
Precarpathian National University
57, Shevchenka str., Ivano-Frankivsk
76018 Ukraine